OTA best practices

Test each OTA update

Before uploading an OTA image that updates all your devices in the field, test the update on a limited in-house population:

  1. Set up a test PID.
  2. Generate a Device Attestation Certificate (DAC) for the VID/test PID combination and submit it.
  3. Set up two integrations, each with a unique PID:

    • One integration is for internal testing, using the test PID and test DAC.
    • The other is for production devices in the field, using the production PID and VID, and production DAC.
  4. Flash the test devices with a version of the firmware using the VID/test PID combination.

  5. Testers (re-)onboard their test devices to their Matter test fabric.

  6. Upload the OTA image to the test integration on the GHDC to test the rollout.

  7. Confirm that the OTA update works and that the firmware update is working properly.

  8. Once you're ready to release the update to your Production users, change the PID on the image and upload it to the Production integration on the GHDC.