Check certification status

Your Matter integration is eligible to launch after it has been approved from our review:

  • Certification — Validates Google Home Test Suite results and any additional materials that apply to the integration certification.
  • Company profile — Confirms the accuracy of the company information.
  • Policy — Verifies that your integration complies with Google's policy guidelines.

Below are the statuses you might see:

Table: Certification statuses in the developer center
Scenario Company Profile Policy Certification Status
Approved Approved Approved Approved
If any of the 3 have a rejected status Rejected
If any of the 3 are submitted and the others are approved In review
Rejected Submitted Approved Rejected

To check your certification status:

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Go to Matter > Certify.
  2. Find your status under the Submitted for Certification section.
    • Approved — You are ready to launch your integration.
    • Rejected — One or more of the above criteria have been rejected, click View Issues for more information. You should have received an email notification regarding the certification status of your Matter integration.
    • In Review — Your integration is still being reviewed.

If everything has been approved, you can launch your integration.

If the review was rejected, fix the issue and resubmit for review.

Console statuses

The following Console statuses are encountered in the Certification phase:

Section Status Description Requirement What to do next
Submitted for certification Approved The certification submission for this version of the integration was approved and can be launched.
  • Certification disclaimer was agreed to.
  • Company profile is approved and live.
  • Product ID (PID) ownership was verified.
Launch or schedule a launch for this version of the integration.
Submitted for certification Rejected This version of the integration didn't meet certification criteria and can't be resubmitted. Approval criteria weren't met.

View issues that are listed in the console.

Create a new version that meets the approval criteria and submit that version for certification.


Provide justification for failed certification tests, if applicable.