Certification Overview

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance) creates and promotes universal, open standards that enable products to securely connect and interact.

Why certify Matter

Certification allows the use of Certified Product logos and listing of the product on the Alliance website for verification. Certification denotes compliance to a specification and shows interoperability in the respective program.

  • Lowers barriers to market entry with access to a vast technology ecosystem.
  • Allows for use of exclusive Alliance certified product logos and a product listing on the Alliance website.
  • Confirms compliance to Alliance specifications with testing from experienced professionals.

WWGH Certification

The Works with Google Home (WWGH) badge lets users know at a glance that your device works with Google Home.

  • For Matter only — Certified partners must be Alliance and Google Matter certified.

  • For Cloud-to-cloud and Matter — Certified partners must be Alliance, Google Matter, and Google Cloud-to-cloud certified.

Table: Difference between Matter and Google Cloud Certification
Category Matter WWGH
Certification level Each version of device type Each version of project
Certification request ID Version of device name Cloud-to-cloud project agent ID
Branding Each device name Each device project
Account linking N/A OAuth
Recertification TBD Annually
Field test Non-Google workflow N/A