Roll back a launched Matter integration

A launched Matter integration can be rolled back to a previously launched version.

For example, you might have version v.1 in production. After a few months you launch version v.2, then discover some sort of production issue. To mitigate this issue you can roll back the currently launched version (v.2) to the previously launched version (v.1).


There are some restrictions to the rollback process developers should be aware of:

  • Rollback is not allowed for a launched integration if no previous versions exist for it. The initial version of a launched integration cannot be rolled back.
  • Rollback is only supported for one version prior. For example, you can roll back from v.3 to v.2, but you cannot then roll back v.2 to v.1. You need to launch a new integration version to be able to roll back the integration again.
  • Rolled back versions are removed from the list of certified integrations. Rolled back versions cannot be launched again and are unrecoverable.

Roll back a launched integration

Go to the Developer Console

  1. Go to Matter > Launch.
  2. The launched version of the integration should appear in the Launched section.
  3. Click the icon for the launched integration and select Roll back from the dropdown.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Roll back to confirm.

Once confirmed, the Launched section should display the previously launched version of the integration. This previous version becomes the current version and immediately rolls out to the ecosystem.